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EPA USA Inc. was founded in 2019. EPA USA Inc. is a spin-off of MBA Consult, a group founded in 1996 and employing more than 3,500 people across the Americas, Asia, and Europe. We are building on over 24 years of experience and are backed by the resources of our group.

EPA USA Inc. understands life happens and the financial challenges that may result.


We focus on treating customers fairly and with respect and provide solutions to solve the problem.  EPA USA Inc will be able to customize a payment arrangement tailored to your situation and needs.

We provide innovative solutions to allow you to communicate with us in a manner convenient to you.

From the beginning, EPA USA Inc. has been focused on exceeding compliance requirements based on the laws and regulations that govern our industry.



EPA USA Inc. is focused on partnering with financial institutions to create leading solutions for analytics and debt collection in the US Market as a result of an innovative, committed and customer-focused culture.



Trust - EPA USA believes trust is essential to all aspects of our business.  Trust is the building block to all relationships and allows EPA USA to focus as a team, rather than individuals to provide a superior experience for our customers and clients.
Innovation - Financial services are changing and evolving at a swift pace.  EPA USA embraces technology and is always creating solutions to improve the business experience.
Respect - EPA USA has a sincere interest to communicate and engage our customers with the utmost respect with the goal of partnering to find a solution customized to each situation.
Commitment - Commitment is an act, not a word.  EPA USA strives to ensure every customer and client is provided service exceeding expectations.
Accountability - EPA USA is responsible for our actions and results.  We take ownership of each process to ensure the best possible experience for customers and clients.

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