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EPA USA Inc Appoints Edward Huggins as Head of Legal/Operations

Edward Huggins

Head of Operations/Legal


EPA USA Inc (epa-usa.com), a leading 3rd party collections agency in Phoenix, AZ that improves receivables performance with proprietary software and analytics, today announced the appointment of Edward Huggins as Head of Operations/Legal. Edward, previously Attorney in Synthesis Expert Report Services. During his tenure, Edward has been responsible for reviewing deposition testimony, among other evidence, in order to produce a succinct report for use by expert witnesses in a variety of cases, from asbestos litigation to disaster relief class-action lawsuits.

Edward graduated as Doctor of Law in Indiana University Maurer School of Law with scholarship, and previously graduated from University of California, Los Angeles majoring in history with cum laude.

On behalf of the entire EPA organization, we would like to welcome Edward to join our team, looking forward to growing the company together and maximizing value of our clients and partners.

About EPA USA Inc EPA USA Inc. was founded in 2019. EPA USA Inc. is a spin-off of MBA Consult, a group founded in 1996 and employing more than 3,500 people across the Americas, Asia, and Europe. We are building on over 24 years of experience and are backed by the resources of our group.

For more information, visit epa-usa.com or follow the company on Linkedin @epausa
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