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Software Improves Outcomes

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

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Underwriting is the foundation of every portfolio’s performance. Once accounts become distressed, collections results may increase but may be limited by the quality of underwriting. Negative scoring and data received may be used to improve underwriting and thus portfolio performance


Calls and communications are placed to borrowers to discuss options to reduce the current delinquencies

debTECH – Value of Analytics, Scoring and Prediction

Right Party Contact

debTECH provides tools to increase Identification, Acceptance, Disclosures and Acknowledgment of Debt.More contacts allows more opportunities to recover funds.

Willingness and Ability to Pay

Our software is able to analyze contacts and predict likelihood of payment.Bringing together willingness and ability to pay increases revenue.

Promise to Pay

Identifying and agreeing to payment terms. debTECH will analyze past behavior, provide scoring models and predict future behaviors such as agreeing to repay past due balances.


Conversion. Funds have now been received. Delinquency has decreased and liquidity has increased. debTHOR can analyze the successes and identify areas of improvement to improve results in future cases.

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