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Delinquency Buckets 

To set up an overdue bucket distribution (1-5 DPD, 5-30 DPD, 31-60 DPD, 90+DPD, etc.) is a critical decision process not only from an accounting perspective and best practice for the market, but also from a management view including potential yellow and red flags on the portfolio performance.
The setup and understanding of the structure for loans with overdue payments are critical. Roll rates are defined by time, overdue fees, overdue interests, and overdue installment.  Managing roll rates helps the financial institution manage risk and performance more efficiently.
As overdue receivables roll to the next bucket, we can expect an increase in portfolio provisions. The amount of portfolio provisions influences the net lending result of the lender,  but also contributes to overall profit and loss.
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Our philosophy is to partner together with you to understand your bucket setup and to identify when accounts are at risk of rolling from one bucket to another. Additionally, we apply strategic, focused processes to decrease roll rates before the default provisions increase.  Our solutions will help both you and your shareholders to improve control of the underwritten risks.

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