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EPA USA Inc is starting to engage on Lendit Fintech Webinar

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

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EPA USA Inc is excited to have our first engagement and speaking briefly about our thoughts on LendIt Fin-tech webinar presented by our president director Kamil Knap (Please feel free to add him on LinkedIn, if you're interested to understand more of his thoughts) It was a brilliant idea to bring like-minded people who are interested in Fin-Tech over regular webinar during COVID-19.


Title: A talk by Raising Money and Fintech M&A in a COVID-19 World


  • What kinds of fintech companies can raise money today?

  • Is fintech M&A dead in the short term?

  • The state of existing deals (what will it take to get to closing)

  • Is there a culling of the fintech herd coming?

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